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How do I activate my Google Workspace / Gmail?

To activate your Google Workspace or your Google Mail, various DNS records must be set.

If you use our name servers for your domain, you can make the necessary changes in your myhosttech customer center under “Domains > Domain center”.

Then click on “Details > DNS Records” on the right-hand side of your domain.

You will now find the “Google – Gmail/Apps” button at the top right.
If you click on this, your MX records will be adjusted accordingly and you only have to save them.

Recently, however, Google has started requiring verification.
You will then receive a message from Google that looks similar to the one below.

Copy this code from Google and then create a new MX record for the domain with us.
You must create this MX record manually yourself. To do this, select the “MX” record in the dropdown above and click on “Add”.

You must enter the verification code in the “Mail Exchanger” field.
You can leave everything else as it is. You can save this new entry and then click Save again at the bottom.

Updated on 19. December 2023

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