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What is a one-pager / one-page website?

A OnePager website is a website that consists of just one page. All the information the visitor needs is available on this one page. There are no additional subpages that need to be visited in order to obtain further information.

Typically, a OnePager website is divided into sections or blocks, each of which presents a specific piece of information or a specific topic. Navigation on a OnePager website is usually done by scrolling, whereby the individual sections of the page are displayed one after the other.

OnePager websites are often used for small projects or start-ups where there is limited information and content or where a simple and quick way to present the information is needed. They can also be a good option when it comes to conveying a clear and direct message, as the visitor does not have to navigate through a multitude of subpages to find the most important information.

If you want to create a OnePager in the Website Creator, you can do this using anchor links.

Updated on 19. December 2023
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