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What is the procedure in the event of a server hardware defect?

Hardware can break. This is not nice and is usually associated with annoyance.
In order to keep this as small as possible and to guarantee a clean process, we explain here what our process looks like.

If you assume that your server has a hardware defect, please determine the following information before contacting technical support and send it to us in the request.

  • What is not working? Detailed error description.
  • If available, send us a screenshot of the error message
  • Serial number of the hardware that appears to be defective, if this can be determined
  • The current access data of the system
    • Linux: SSH user and root access data, SSH port (if changed)
    • Windows: Administrator access data, RDP port (if changed)
  • Is a reboot possible at any time? (Free of charge during office hours)

If you contact technical support with this information, there are two possible scenarios.

The hardware error is identifiable

In such a case, the hardware in the server is replaced.
Please note that the server must be switched off for about 30 minutes.

The hardware error cannot be identified

In this case, we will replace the server in advance.
The entire server is replaced and the current hard disks are transferred to the new server.

This means that you can continue working and we will check the server in peace.
If our system administrators do not detect a hardware defect, our costs will be charged.
If we find a hardware defect, our effort is free of charge.

Updated on 19. December 2023

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